Miami Graffiti

Writer: Merry Christmas Miami by Frosty Phrase Hide Ink Essence
Location: Ives Dairy Cement Factory
Date: 1986
Submitter: Miami So Real
Comment from Nitro: This production is the last thing that ever ran on that wall before it got torn
down. This cat Newwave (USC) and I went out to that wall while they were finishing it. There
were a lot of fights over that wall and the local cats (us) kept pretty tight tabs on it. The people
I saw there that day were Frosty, Hyde/Hide(TMOD), this kid Frankie that used to hang out with
TFF(TOG) & TCB, and Sen TFF. Apparently Essence (this cat John, who didn't get up all
that much) was out there because he tagged it, and that kid Ink. Oh yeah, Frosty's dad was there
too. But HYDE deserves many props for that wall because he is the only guy that was painting
that clean back then. No one was really digging Frosty way back because he only did legals, but
recalling the local lack of love for Frosty I have to say he still got props for the 1 Step Beyond
piece and it ran forever.

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