Writer: El Merlen Seam Doom Rage Fuem Dorm Eye Devise Glove Junior Dekay Style End Time Marle Sens Klue Dms Vice Dek Tame Meta4 Sae Know Siner Brim Gs Duels Cect Serk Turbo Crew: RA VO5 ATKM BOM ATBO VIP FA SA MTW DFC ATA 7UP FH WBB STV TN7 Location: Bakehouse Date: November & December 2011 Submitter: Records Story: Participation by almost every major crew from the Miami Graffiti 1980's, on the most infamous wall of that time. A monumental achievement. Portraits of writers that passed on by Gwiz (Dare, Nes, Scan). [Part 2 here]

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