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Writer: Dism Rek Crew: SSK STV WH BSK KBT TM Location: Krome Date: March 2010 Submitter: Juanpinche Macgyver

Writer: Reyes Crew: MSK Location: Overtown Penit Date: Submitter:

Writer: Cynic Crew: TCP Location: Overtown Penit Date: 2010 Submitter:

Writer: TEEZ Crew: THC DFC Location: BOBBY MADURO Stadium Penit Date: 199? Submitter: ELEGGUA

Writer: Al Teez Crew: DFC Location: 8th ST. Date: 199? Submitter: ELEGGUA

Writer: Smerk Blast Crew: BUK50 28 GW Location: Boomers I-95 Date: April 2010 Submitter:

Writer: Verm Cris Crew: MSG KOI 28 Location: Boston, Mass Pike Date: 2010 Submitter:

Writer: Said Crew: DK STA Location: BNSF Reefer Freight Date: 2010 Submitter:

Writer: Jive Crew: DFC Location: OT Penit Date: 2009 Submitter:

Writer: ENMITY Crew: THC Location: Venice Beach Date: 2010 Submitter: wiggle dance