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Writer: Gamin Crew: SGC Location: Freight Date: 2016 Submitter: Parche

Writer: Ceas Crew: GC Location: Providence, RI Date: 2015 Submitter: frankgceas

Writer: Harm Mers Ceas Crew: GC Location: Miami Date: 1994 Submitter: frankgceas

Writer: Runs Crew: COF RM Location: Date: 2016 Submitter:

Writer: Omit Wake Crew: MDK LP DFC Location: RC Cola I95 Date: October 17 2015 Submitter: omitrock

Writer: Doper Sefer Hedge Cris Crew: KOI Location: Lil Hati Date: 2014 Submitter:

Writer: Jel Deed Crew: DGS IH Location: Power Studios Date: 1994 Submitter:

Writer: Set Crew: GCO Location: SW Wall Date: May 2015 Submitter: Set

Writer: Agent Crew: CMS Location: HIALEAH Date: Submitter: AGENT

Writer: Ultra Crew: DAM Location: Dade County Date: Submitter: