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Writer: Sifos Ravi Crew: JFK TSC Location: Miami River Date: 2018 Submitter:

Writer: Revo Crew: TVC Location: Stadium Date: 1995 Submitter: soul rebel

Writer: Sek Crew: 8UP Location: Littydale Date: 2018 Submitter: Deeznauts

Writer: Esto Crew: IH Location: Penit Date: 2017 Submitter: inkhabitz

Writer: Edec Crew: IH Location: Hialeah Warehouse Trackside Date: December 1994 Submitter: soul.Rebels

Writer: LOEK GS Crew: EP KBT WH FS STV Location: Date: Submitter: cuh

Writer: RISER Crew: DTK 89 SFC Location: Date: April 17 2018 Submitter: Riser

Writer: Hush Crew: DAM Location: Dam Wall Date: Submitter:

Writer: Edec Crew: IH UW Location: Roooftop Date: 2013 Submitter: mantronix

Writer: Mos Crew: TW VIP Location: Highway Ledge Date: 2005 Submitter: zerokool