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Writer: Earn Crew: DAM 727 TBD Location: Trackside Date: 2010 Submitter: yoyo

Writer: RIP Guru by Cris Sign Crew: MSG KOI 28 Location: Wall Date: 2010 Submitter:

Writer: Said Crew: DK STA Location: Rio Grande Boxcar Freight Date: 2010 Submitter:

Writer: Cynic Rival Crew: TCP Location: Marina Penit Date: August 2010 Submitter: Bullet

Writer: Where Crew: GWC DFC Location: Marina Date: 2009 Submitter: wert

Writer: Ower Crew: YNC KBT DME Location: Rome Italy Date: Submitter:

Writer: Jive Where Crew: GWC DFC Location: Overtown Penit Date: July 2010 Submitter:

Writer: Fuem Crew: IBM Location: Date: 2010 Submitter: James & Karla Murray

Writer: Tahoe Crew: MUL Location: Overtown Penit Date: 2010 Submitter: imnotfamous

Writer: Ynot Atomik 9teen Crew: BUK50 MSG 28 TSC TBD Location: Rooftop Date: August 2010 Submitter: Story: Ynot started this, but didn't finish it after he saw someone watching him. It was later finished by Atomik and 9teen in August 2010