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Writer: Jaes Deve Crew: FS Location: Freight Date: 199? Submitter:

Writer: Mako Crew: S6 Location: Modernage Penit Date: 1994 Submitter: 127

Writer: Kepos Crew: WOW DTT Location: Freight Date: 2009 Submitter:

Writer: Tahoe Crew: MUL Location: Overtown Penit Date: 2010 Submitter: imnotfamous

Writer: Crome Crew: MSG Location: Bobby Maduro Stadium Penit Date: 199? Submitter: Miami Method

Writer: Crome Crew: MSG Location: Date: 2007 Submitter: Miami Method

Writer: Sefer Crew: RM Location: Date: 2010 Submitter:

Writer: Jel Crew: IH DGS Location: Key Biscayne Marina Penit Date: 2010 Submitter:

Writer: Able Crew: GUK Location: Freight Date: 2010 Submitter:

Writer: View2 Crew: FC TC5 Location: Date: 200? Submitter: