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Writer: Doper Sefer Hedge Cris Crew: KOI Location: Lil Hati Date: 2014 Submitter:

Writer: Sefer Crew: MSG Location: Griffin Penit Date: Submitter:

Writer: Sefer Cyme Crew: MSG Location: Malibu Date: 90's Submitter:

Writer: Sefer Crew: RM COF Location: Catalyst Date: 2014 Submitter:

Writer: Tonek Crew: ATV BLT Location: Body Date: 2015 Submitter: Manoe

Writer: Verse Ticoe Crew: CT TBD 004 Location: Allapattah Date: 2014 Submitter:

Writer: Verse Ticoe Crew: CT TBD 004 Location: I95 South Date: 2014 Submitter:

Writer: Cface Rezist Gone Crew: GK TIS NSF IDS Location: Ft Laudy 95 Trirail Date: 2014 Submitter: anon

Writer: Cres Meps Crew: DAM IGA Location: MIAMI Date: Submitter: dukieee

Writer: Bled Crew: VOR Location: Biscayne Miami Date: May 17 2013 Submitter: