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Writer: Mesa Crew: HS ACK Location: Freight Date: 2016 Submitter: Emboogie

Writer: Gerb Crew: MV Location: Date: Nov 2016 Submitter: Yuh

Writer: Sifos Crew: JFK Location: Wynwood Date: 2013 Submitter: susie

Writer: Dek Kvee Crew: 7UP Location: Bakehouse Wynwood Date: Dec 2015 Submitter: Dek cjay

Writer: June Crew: FS DTT Location: Wall Date: 200? Submitter: IT`s NOT GRAFFITI

Writer: June Crew: FS DTT Location: Freight Date: 200? Submitter: IT`s not graffiti

Writer: Cheak Crew: Location: Miami Date: 2014 Submitter: x

Writer: Runs Crew: COF RM Location: Date: 2016 Submitter:

Writer: Rosa by Siek Crew: 730 Location: Brickell Date: 2011 Submitter: HelpMeHoward

Writer: QUEMA Crew: ALS Location: West Miami Date: 2016 Submitter: