Miami Graffiti

July 2009
Alive 5 Westchester Regional Library Graffiti Show - 1986

Hec: "I don't have an exact recollection of how we scored our own Alive 5 show. But I think we had Sar to thank for making it happen. It was in early 1986 at the Westchester Regional Library (now called the West Dade Regional Library) at 9445 Coral Way (not too far from the Coral Way Wall of Fame). The show was called "The Young Artists". It was endorsed and sponsored by the library, and featured artwork by Sar, Senik, Hec, and several writers from ATKM.

It featured our canvases, sketchbooks, markers, and there was a jean jacket in there by writers from ATKM. Neither Senik or I remember the story behind it, we probably borrowed it from someone in ATKM to fill out the show. We had a nice opening reception for the show at the library, and it stayed up for about 3 months."

From Demo ATKM about the Jacket: "This jacket actually was passed around to several writers/crews back in the day. The original owners were Micro & Mero. The collar was done by Icey & Scam. Characters by Rener & Spear. (Glove was ATBO and not a part of this jacket, he was at war with ATKM at this period in time). The jacket itself disappeared or was stolen... To this day we have always wondered where it went."

Some flicks of the art featured courtesy of Hec:

Outlaw Art by Sar

Aerosol Ecstacy by Sar

Sketchbooks and Markers from Sar and Hec

The Big Apple by Hec

Sain by Hec

1986ix by Senik

Alive5 by Senik

Graffiti by Senik

Jean Jacket by Micro, Mero, Icey, Scam, Rener, Spear ATKM