Miami Graffiti

´╗┐September 2010
1) What do you write and what crews do you represent?

Coma, RM, Hialeah Crew.

2) Where did you get your tag? Any special meaning behind it?

Crome suggested it to me. I liked the letters, the way it flowed, so it stuck.

3) When did you start writing and what were some of your early influences?

In the summer of 1990 I was going from 5th to 6th grade, growing up in Hialeah at that time there was a shit load of graff. Looking back, it's funny the small things that ended up making an impact on me; I was always hanging at this housing development called Mango Hill, my boy lived across from this wall with the dopest hand styles I had ever seen, As 1 (BTB,7UP) had killed it. Also at my junior high there were a few PAZ (7UP) tags that never got buffed, as well as a Super Caz (7UP) and Tame (7UP) tag I found hidden in a back office of the art room. At the time, one of my close friends had an older brother who worked with Dep (TVC), and went to school with KVEE (TVC) and Terms (TVC), he always had these nice sketches they'd do for him. Also some Hialeah guys like Cams (VCP), Ryno (VCP), Dos (VOA), Rest (VOA), Geo (TWN), and 2See (TWN) bombed heavily around my house, they were a big inspiration to me. Of course the entire 7UP crew was kinging all Hialeah at the time, the 7 in a circle was up on everything; Dek, KVee and Meta4 really stuck out to me. I didn't drive yet so the only exposure I really got early on was strictly Hialeah local graff. Abomb (HRT), Steal (DAM), Era, Doper, BBop, Feer, Deen, all these guys had great styles. Then I met up with guys on my level and started to develop my own shit. Through the Hardcore music scene I met Ucer (FE) and through him I met Crome (FE). Crome was the next biggest influence to me, he and SEGE (FE) *RIP* definitely shaped MSG style to what it is, and as young ones we jocked, imitated, and were schooled by them. Also Chase (GC) took a bit more time to help and shape the way I was painting, he was a big help.

4) What was your favorite Penit/Wall/Spot and why?

I never got to go to the original penit, but I think I went to all the other major ones. Amer (MSG) worked near the Hialeah Penit, and had seen all the tags near there, we had just started painting more, and outside of our neighborhood because he drove. So one day during a lunch hour he drove around long enough to finally figure out how to get in from the back loading dock. Tekx and Sero were painting the loading dock at the time, they never finished that production, it was so fresh. That penit was the Miami history book to me, so that is definitely my favorite.

5) Is there any crazy story that sticks out in your mind from the early days?

There was this one night when the MSG crew was chillin at Mag44's house. Someone came up with the idea of splitting up into groups and having a little bombing battle. I was with Crome, Bane was with Car, and Mag44 was with Obey. Crome and I headed out to do that green fence around Tropical Park (Santa's Enchanted Forest) and while on 826 I remember seeing Car on the back of a heaven. Later we saw Obey getting off a heaven on 836 with a FHP under it flashing his lights, me and Crome headed to Downtown, and did heavens all the way down to I-75. I remember being on a heaven on I-75 and a semi truck passed under and it shook the sign so much I almost slipped. Looking back now, certain shit isn't really worth it. RIP Merk

6) Name a Miami writers work that you respect a lot and why?

I remember when Siner and Melo started using the crew name FUKQ (or it was new to me?), they had done a strip on a longer wall at the Hialeah Penit, Crome and Sege also painted with them on this strip. Siner has developed to be one of the freshest writers repping Florida. Also Mecs has been consistent for so many years. The Mecs and Dez with Calvin and Hobbes off 112 was dope back then, and his graff has become cleaner and more dope now.

7) Any good stories about a time you got chased or busted?

I did a lot of stupid shit that got me into a lot of trouble. So I'll plead the 5th.

8) Advice for Toys nowadays?

I made a few mistakes along the way, I'll consider the earliest mistakes TOY mistakes. All beginners without proper schooling will be toys, no big deal.

9) There was a period of time when you pretty much owned the highways and highway signs anywhere north of Flager. What was your lifestyle like while you were annihilating North Miami?

When I met people who drove, graffiti got way out of hand, it was the main focus of my life for a few years. We plotted out spots, places to rack, scamming and painting was it. Heads like Amer, Crome, Bane, and Down (KOI) didn't give a fuck about their cars, or any risks of getting caught, these dudes were my bombing partners. I spent so much time climbing buildings, heavens, obstacles; it was so sick, real life cops and robbers, sneaking around late at night. My room was full of paint, we used to rack garbage cans full of just dark colors only for bombing, like 100 true blues and ultra flat blacks, that's it! I remember a night when Gere, Mag44 and I were splitting up 300+ cans in Crome's driveway at 2AM. Also crazy "hero" chase stories, hiding for hours, running through fields off of I-75, getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no cell phones to hook back up with your people; that shit was a mission. The Hialeah cops made my life a little harder for a while. I just hung with my crew and painted, I didn't do all that much more, it was a fun time.

10) What do you think of the Graf Scene in South Florida and where do you think its headed?

I'm pretty much out of it, but I still love seeing new spots get hit over night. You can see the buff is strong, not to many spots last, but its good to see people still at it. I'd like to thank you guys for doing this site, I love seeing a piece posted that brings back great memories. All the old 7UP stuff I got to see in person and the ones I only got to see in shitty little shoe box flicks, I only wish I had taken better care of my old pictures. Luckily with these pictures I can remember the heads that always amazed me with great bombing spots and pieces, but are no longer here, RIP to GB, Sege, Oil, Beno, Alot, Ynot. Peace.

Coma has provided some new exclusive pics of some of his work for the site:

Most recent piece, 2010

Coma Sefer, Airport Penit Staircase, 1995

Coma Rest, Hialeah Penit, 1995

Coma Mag44, Malibu Penit, 1995

Coma Threat, Malibu Penit, 1995

Sefer Coma, Malibu Penit, 1995

Medx Dran Coma, Truck, 1995

Coma, 826 Northbound Water Tower, 1995

Coma Bane, 826 Eastbound, 1995

Coma, Freight, 199?