Miami Graffiti

September 2009
1) What do you write and what crews do you represent?

Faz +

2) Where did you get your tag?

25.611883 °
N 25 ° 36' 42.8" 25 ° 36.7130' (degree m.mmmm)

-80.389376 °
W 80 ° 23' 21.8" -80 ° 23.3626' (degree m.mmmm)

3) When did you start writing and what were some of your early influences?

In 1983. I started taking pictures at the same time. Futura 2000 has always been an interesting artist. He tapped into something early on and was able to emanate his thought process and forward thinking through his unique styles and in this way he became one of the key figures of the "Graffiti" Anti Movement. Photographers and documentarians Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant and their ground breaking filmmaking were strong influences on my future filmmaking and photography too.

4) What is your favorite Penit/Wall/Spot and why?

No specific area or wall. The Penit was The Spot. It became the center of the Miami Writing scene on the underground tip. There was one simple readable piece by Micro that spelled, Cocaine. It burned a lot of other writers in there. The piece was also up high on the wall and very straight, looked like it was flying. It is significant because it really defined what Miami was all about then, a definition for the streets.

5) Any crazy stories that stick out in your mind from days at that Penit/Wall/Spot?

Getting chased with my friend Ovee (R.I.P) by Metro Dade as we were going into the Penit. We stashed our paint and ran so fast we were gliding over the canal water out of the Fontainebleau Golf Course. The next day we got together and did the EFO piece; Ease, Faz & Ovee.

6) Name a Miami writers work (not in your crew/associated crews) that you respect a lot and why?

Fuckski down by Carribean Blvd in a crew called The SOP Nation, a.k.a. Sell Out Possee. He had this crazy fresh shoe polish; dark, dark black ink that he would use to bomb the market walls with, mad huge S.O.P. throw ups.

7) Any entertaining stories about a time you got chased or busted?

DTs rolled up, Miami Beach style, we were daylight bombing; the real deal. Don't think writers do that any more. It was like a movie.

8) Advice for Toys nowadays?

Don't waste paint writing up wackness.

9) Could you shed some light on the start of TIA and ATKM Crews?

TIA had only one leader, The Infamous Zee, down with Demo, Icey and Scam + All the King's Men.

10) What do you think of the Graf Scene in South Florida and Where do you think its headed?

I drove around MIA about a year ago, I saw one piece on 36th St. that was insane. The scene in South Florida and in general is stagnant, "Graffiti" is an Anti Movement, it deconstructs itself and builds itself back up again with only a few wise writers that teach themselves how to evolve and reinvent their style without reinventing the wheel. My film's title summarizes the subculture of writing and Aerosol Art in two words; Sporadic Germination.