Miami Graffiti

August 2007
1) What do you write and what crews do you represent?


2) Where did you get your tag? Any special meaning behind it?

My tag was given to me by Evae, back in 2000. He is also the one who taught me how to paint.

3) When did you start writing and what were some of your early influences?

I started writing back in 1998, messing around in blackbooks and stuff like that. But I actually really started doing things in 2000.

4) What was your favorite Penit/Wall and why?

I don't really have any favorite walls or penits. I used to like painting tracksides though. I think that was my favorite thing to do.

5) Is there any crazy story that sticks out in your mind from days at that Penit/Wall??

Well I remember painting a trackside once with a large amount of people. I believe it was about 11 or 12 of us painting a long wall. It was late at night and we got hungry. All I know is that we ended up sitting on the tracks, and someone ordered pizza to the tracks. It was crazy! That was such a heatup. We were sitting there, eating, drinking, a dozen writers all at once. But we got away with it.

6) Name a Miami writers work that you respect a lot (thats not in your crew/associated crews) and why?

I have respect for everyone, but one writer that sticks out to me is Siner. In my opinion he is a truely defined graffiti writer. Well accomplished in every level: freights, tracks, legals, illegals, highways, and all of this on a national level. Not only as a graffiti writer, but as a person as well, Siner has shown me to be a very respectful and humble person.

7) Any good stories about a time you got chased or busted?

Man, I've been to jail enough to know I hate it, and I don't want to go back. haha. Theres nothing good about it.

8) Whats the biggest problem with Toys nowadays?

I think toys lack knowledge. I remember when Evae was schooling me. He taught me a lot about respect and history. Now I realize that alot of newer kids come into this with beef or problems on their mind. I see young kids lining big crews and showing no type of respect. I was never used to seeing that.

9) Which came first for you: Graffiti or Tattooing?

Graffiti came first to me. Tattooing came along the way because I've always been an artist. Its my way of paying my rent. Thanks to tattooing, many writers have developed well paying careers. I've meet a good amount of writers through tattooing.

10) What do you think of the Graf Scene in South Florida and Where do you think its headed?

Well, I love my home town, I love South Florida, but unfortunately I dont see this city going anywhere great. It pisses me off when I see New York and Cali getting all the fame for their graffiti, but we have an entire city of hidden talent here. We as writers, and unnecessary beefs, have been destroying each other. This city needs some major unity to progress.