Miami Graffiti

June 2009
1) What do you write and what crews do you represent?

Sneek love. VO5 WHO crews.

2) Where did you get your tag? Any special meaning behind it?

Because I'm Sneeky Sneeky.

3) When did you start writing and what were some of your early influences?

1983-1984. Early influences: The boys on my block in Philly, also the Subway Art era...

4) What was your favorite Penit/Wall/Spot and why?

7th St. and about 72nd Ave. A love piece for Valentines Day that I did with Javski VO5 in 1986.

5) Is there any crazy story that sticks out in your mind from days at that Spot?

Just a lot of graff writers coming through.

6) Name a Miami writers work that you respect a lot (thats not in your crew/associated crews) and why?

It would have to be the new era, them MSG boys, they rock all city.

7) Any good stories about a time you got chased or busted?

To many chases, but never got roped.

8) Advice for Toys nowadays?

Respect everybody, don't judge by style, and don't go over noone.

9) What does Graff mean to you?

Its in the blood! Aerosol runs through me!!!

10) What do you think of the Graf Scene in South Florida and Where do you think its headed?

The graff scene is a part of what is going on in the streets here, and it will continue to tell its story.