Miami Graffiti

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    Writer: RAW
    Crew: ICE
    Location: West Palm Beach
    Date: June 30 2013
    Submitter: RAW

    Writer: Snor
    Crew: FTK
    Location: West Palm Beach
    Date: 2011
    Submitter: Snorski

    Writer: Pluto
    Crew: HND
    Location: West Palm Beach
    Date: 2010
    Submitter: Focused on Graffiti

    Writer: Domer Jurz
    Crew: LMA AA
    Location: I95 Palm Beach

    Writer: Pluto
    Location: Boynton Beach - Behind Lowes
    Date: June 2009
    Submitter: 50K

    Writer: Nitro
    Crew: KSN
    Location: North Beach
    Date: 1988
    Submitter: Sultan207

    Writer: Fane Aktive
    Crew: AD BN
    Location: South Beach
    Date: 2008
    Submitter: Roscoe

    Writer: Rebel Bear167
    Crew: NOC LOB
    Location: 4th Street South Beach
    Date: 1988
    Submitter: Alexsins

    Writer: Scam
    Crew: ATKM
    Location: South Beach - 17th Street Penit
    Date: 1990
    Submitter: Alexsins
    Story: This was done a few years after Scam retired from graff. He was home on leave from the Navy during the 1st Desert Storm War.

    Writer: Demo Scam
    Crew: ATKM
    Location: 17th Street - Miami Beach
    Date: 1987
    Submitter: Alexsins
    Story: Demo - Never got a chance to finish because cops chased us and staked it out for days after.