Miami Graffiti

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    Writer: MARLE
    Crew: DFC
    Location: SOUTH BEACH
    Date: 1992
    Submitter: KIDKODAK85

    Writer: Junior
    Crew: SR VIP
    Location: West Miami
    Date: 2019
    Submitter: Vandal in Power

    Writer: Edec
    Crew: IH UW BT
    Location: Warehouse
    Date: 2003
    Submitter: ink head prez2020

    Writer: Edec
    Crew: IH
    Location: Little Haiti
    Date: 1996
    Submitter: Da Graff Staff

    Writer: Junior
    Crew: VIP
    Location: The Bake House
    Date: 2011
    Submitter: vandal in power

    Writer: Edec
    Crew: SR
    Location: Fountain Blue Penit
    Date: 1989
    Submitter: Soul rebel

    Writer: Ovee
    Crew: OC
    Location: The Fb Penit
    Date: 1989
    Submitter: kidkoak85

    Writer: Merlen El Foe Mek Seel
    Crew: AIM RA
    Location: Rooftop Off The Rail The Grove
    Date: 1989
    Submitter: kidkodak85

    Writer: Stems
    Crew: ABC
    Location: The FB Penit
    Date: Mid 1980s.. Photo in 1989
    Submitter: kidkodak85

    Writer: Frosty Zone
    Crew: OSB
    Location: Calle 8 Little Havana
    Date: 1987
    Submitter: kidkodak85