Miami Graffiti

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  • **PLEASE read the guidelines for submitting flicks on the Rules Page**
  • ONLY upload flicks from South Florida writers & crews (Dade, Broward, WPB only).
  • NO flix that are sketches, paper, toyed, too small, crappy, blurry, or unfinished.
  • NO marker bombing, outline throwups, half-assed junk. Nobody wants to see that.
  • Please don't type in all CAPS (except for the crew abbreviation).
The photo should be decent sized, color corrected, and cropped to only the graffiti.

Photo details

Please fill out as much info as you can about this photo (Do not separate with commas).
The main tag that this writer or writers goes by (i.e. "Alot" or "Beno Sege")
Please put the abbreviation for their main crew, and use all caps (i.e. "WOW" or "FS BSK")
The location the graffiti was done (i.e. "Hialeah Penit", "Freight", "NW 1st Ave. & 21st St.")
The most accurate date that you know (i.e. "February 1st, 1992", "June 2003", "1998")
Whatever tag, name, or alias, you want to go by for submitting this flick to get your props.