Miami Graffiti

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    Writer: Meer Junior
    Crew: SR
    Location: Metrorail
    Date: 1989
    Submitter: kidkodak85

    Writer: Mos Meer
    Crew: TW VIP AIM
    Location: Flagler
    Date: 2001
    Submitter: Zerokool

    Writer: Mos 317 Meer
    Crew: TW AIM SSK
    Location: Little Havana Flagler
    Date: 98-99

    Writer: Freek Meer
    Crew: DAM AIM
    Location: Train
    Date: 199?
    Submitter: Chunkee 360

    Writer: Jean Jacket by Meer for Neem
    Crew: BOM
    Location: Jean Jacket
    Date: 1988
    Submitter: NEEM

    Writer: Meer
    Crew: AIM
    Location: Coral Way Wall of Fame, Coral Way & SW 92nd Ave.
    Date: 1988

    Writer: Meer (Jek1 to the right)
    Crew: MTW
    Location: Cutler Ridge Rooftop
    Date: 1987

    Writer: Meer
    Crew: SB
    Location: Modernage Penit
    Date: 1993
    Submitter: 127

    Writer: Meer More
    Crew: AIM STV
    Location: US1 & 200th St.
    Date: 1990
    Submitter: TED COPEL

    Writer: Meer Mek
    Crew: AIM
    Location: Wall
    Date: 200?
    Submitter: TED COPEL