Miami Graffiti

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    Writer: Merlen El Foe Mek Seel
    Crew: AIM RA
    Location: Rooftop Off The Rail The Grove
    Date: 1989
    Submitter: kidkodak85

    Writer: Skee
    Crew: AIM
    Location: Baby Penit / Airport
    Date: 1987
    Submitter: SKEE

    Writer: Mos Meer
    Crew: TW VIP AIM
    Location: Flagler
    Date: 2001
    Submitter: Zerokool

    Writer: Mos 317 Meer
    Crew: TW AIM SSK
    Location: Little Havana Flagler
    Date: 98-99

    Writer: Mecs Cres
    Crew: AIM AKT
    Location: 004 Wynwood
    Submitter: jluger

    Writer: Dvs
    Crew: AIM
    Location: 7st Penit
    Date: 1987
    Submitter: DeviIslam

    Writer: Cres Freek Mek
    Crew: AIM DAM AKT
    Location: Bird Road
    Date: 2013
    Submitter: house man

    Crew: AIM RA
    Location: Off The Metro Rail
    Date: 1989
    Submitter: KID KODAK

    Writer: Terms Junior
    Crew: TVC AIM
    Location: Hialeah Penit
    Date: 1995
    Submitter: soul rebel

    Writer: Rom4 Meks
    Crew: WK AIM
    Location: Bobby Maduro
    Date: 2000